'the clique' is a movie so bad that it's good

Andy/April = Baseball/Softball

Andy: Wow you have a good arm!

April: I know. I used to play softball in high school.

Andy: Shut up. I played baseball in high school!

April: Shut up!

Andy: Yeah, that's like the boy version of softball.


Fangirl Challenge- 3/5 female characters: April Ludgate 

"I’m really good at making fun of people dancing. I’ve invented 10 emoticons. I can walk up a down escalator in like 2 seconds. I can fit my body into small spaces. I can tell instantly whether someone is fat or pregnant with 60% accuracy. I can quote every line from Scream 2, Romancing the Stone, Mulan, Hocus Pocus, Big Business- it’s the one with Bette Midler. I can sneak like 3 dogs into a movie theater. I can convince my grandmother that I’m not real. I can win a staring contest with a cat.  I can make any security guard suspicious of me. I can convince my mom that I’m adopted. I can control small fires. I’m really good at making fun of people singing. I can convince children I’m a witch. I can staple things together that shouldn’t be stapled. I can not talk for 2 weeks at a time."


My OTPs: April & Andy (Parks & Rec)

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